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Virtual Reality .

Come for a great time and experience something you never have before. Take yourself to a completely different world and reality. Futuristic VR is the best spot in New York City for exclusive entertainment, corporate events, date nights, and birthday parties.

What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality is a three-dimensional environment that allows you to interact with your surroundings in a physical way that seems completely real. This is done by using technological equipment, including a screen, sensors, a controller, and a headset.

Virtual reality is the immersive experience of a world created by a computer that prompts your mind and body so that you can experience and observe surroundings that are entirely simulated.

Futuristic VR  offers multiple gaming adventures for people of all ages.

Come join us with friends and family for a crazy and captivating experience.

Call us at (347) 374-4940

Went there with my three friends and it was the best thing ever told some local friends to come and give business to this amazing place

I legit go everyday with me and my friend we were also first customers now I am a daily customers. I respect the workers there. They are so chill they are so hardworking and they are really cool people. Now I feel friends with them cause how much I go. Best arcade spot ever I am even going today and on Friday I want to do 4 player multiplayer and my friends are down for it. Thank You futuristicvr you are a dream come true.
jacob sultanov

The staff was very attentive and patient. My kids had a blast. They have lots of fun games. Highly recommend. Will be coming back.

Svetlanka T.